robot3.jpgI’ve tried everything possible from: updating drivers, uninstalling drivers, putting in 2 new video cards, different makes and models, checked the power, fans, uninstalled my wireless card which I no longer use, uninstalled and reinstalled Warcraft, and took it in to the computer store who did a full diagnostic of the machine.


What is occurring on the computer is what my friend called a rendering issue. I remember this happening sometimes when I played DAOC. Though when I changed out the video card everything was well. This time, nothing seemed to change the glitching in game.

My friend said that it’s probably an issue that’s deeper than I thought and it just may be time for a new computer. Though the idea of a new computer is awesome I really wasn’t expecting to get one now.

I’ve toyed with getting a mac or PC for a while and though I love my G4 laptop, PC is the winner. Why a PC over a mac?

  • For what I want, PC is a little more affordable
  • I get a discount through work
  • I have my Windows XP CDs still (Vista scares me)

I spent time yesterday and today looking at Dell gaming machines. I found one that I really, really like. I’m waiting to hear back from my co-worker about the kind of discount I can get on it because I would like to order it before the end of the week.

As for now, I can still play WoW on my G4, but barely. I can’t raid more than a 5 man instance or do any kind of PvP without horrible lag. Capital cities also kills me too. At least it’s enough to get my “fix.”