The computer store called me last night asking for a better description of the problem I was having with my computer. Which is fine. I would have rather talked to a tech than write out what was wrong.

I explained what was going on and agreed that it could be the hard drive, but he doubts it would affect game play. He explained that he was going to run a few tests and get back with me later. I thanked him for the call. The tech also mentioned that he notices that I play World of Warcraft and will try to get me back up and running as fast as he can and that he also plays World of Warcraft. I laughed and said “So you understand the addiction.” He laughed and agreed.

Hopefully I’ll have my computer back before the weekend is up, but it’s pretty funny to think that playing Warcraft may help me get my computer back faster. ^_^

UPDATE 1/11: The computer store called me yesterday and told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. They suggested that I try to re-install my video card drivers through the website vs the Installation CD (when I did that come to find out the CD was more current…? This make sense to anyone?) and to re-install Warcraft. -_-; I guess we’ll see what happens.