goblinrockethelmet-copy.jpgOh noes!! Mah Computer!!


Going to try and make a long story short. My computer was acting up about a month back. A very good friend of mine, who’s an IT guy, told me to update my video card drivers.


My computer was alright for a bit, then it started acting up again. I was getting graphic glitches when I played WoW and I would occasionally lock up. However, when I restarted the game everything would be fine for a while but then the glitching would start all over again.

Talked to my IT buddy, he said to update the video drivers (again) and re-install DirectX because sometimes it can get corrupted.

Double Check.

Graphic issues are still happening. Hrmmm. Could it be my video card? Friend says, it could be. He helps me find a rocking video card and I installed it on Tuesday. Powered up the PC and surprise – graphic glitches are still there.


Someone in game had mentioned that the problem could be a fan issue. I opened up the computer to check out the 2 fans. Both of them seem to be spinning just fine.

Now that I looked, it’s time to listen. As loaded WoW I noticed my computer was making loading sounds longer than usual. I also picked up on a slight vibrating sound. I opened the computer again and listened. The sound seemed to be from the hard drive.

“Ut oh,” says my friend, “that’s not good.”

My computer is about 2 years old but my hard drive is much older. I decided that rather install a new hard drive myself I should take it to an expert and have a diagnostic ran. I was told that it may be 2-3 days before a technician would look at it, but it could be earlier.

/crosses fingers