doom3.jpgOn Monday I logged on as Wulf and waited for a raid invite. My guild was coming off their raiding break from the hoidays, I had my fingers crossed that I would get an invite. Our raid time didn’t start until 7:45pm Server Time, but I logged on early to show the raid leaders that I am ready for action at the drop of a hat.

I wasn’t sure which instance we were going to be raiding, I was hoping for Tempest so I could finish a quest in there for my Black Temple attunement. I got my raid invite around 8pm and I was summoned to Shadowmoon Valley. We are raiding DOOMWALKER! Sweet!!

I had no idea what I was doing but the strategy seemed simple enough. Watch for random charges and earthquakes, heal yourself when necessary and don’t die. The fight starts and we all charge in, of course, he charges in my general direction first. Thank goodness I had my healing potions and some bandages. We had about 35+ people in the raid and it took us about about 6 minutes to defeat the mechanical beast. It felt good, real good – since he kind of looks like the Fel Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula; I hate that thing!



So what loot did he drop? A very nice plate helm and the Barrel-Blade Longrifle. I was one of 3 hunters at the raid and won this by default since I was still using my trusty-old Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle.

Nice! I have a gun with 2 red gem slots! It’s a little faster than Wolfslayer, yet it does more damage DPS wise when comparing them (without the gem and scope added) and it’s a decent upgrade to Wolfslayer, nonetheless.

Next for the million dollar question, what gems to I put in? Agil vs AP? Yikes, tough one for me. ^.^; As you all know I am a Marks-“pew-pew”-man Hunter. At one time, any red slot I had in armor I would throw an Attack Power gem in there because a friend told me more AP = good. I used to stack AP like crazy until I began reading around and researching I found that this wasn’t necessarily a good idea. I’ve since adjusted my gems and enchants to focus on +Agil stats a little more.

Overall Agility does benefit Hunters more since it helps with Attack Power, Crit, Dodge and gives 2 to Armor. Alright sounds good. After swapping around my gems my Attack Power took a big dip. I was nervous. Did I make the right decision? Was it going to reflect my overall DPS for the better? I don’t know since I never ran damage meters.

/slap wrists

Now that I have a better chance of raiding, I really want to be able to put out some nice DPS while staying Marksman. I have a set of PvE gear, but it’s mostly Kara gear with the ZA shoulders. I also have a sassy set of PvP gear that I could raid with too, but I never really compared my DPS output between the two sets. I should get off my butt and do that . . .hello Dr. Boom?

For the time being, until I figure out other wise, I decided to place 2 +16 AP gems with a +12 Damage Scope. Reason:

  1. My Crit in my PvP gear is over 30% and still growing with updated arena gear in the hear future.
  2. My Attack Power feels low, in my opinion, and I felt it could use a boost.
  3. I’m hoping that the +damage scope will add a little more ‘umpf’ to my DPS. Since I’m still saving up for arena gear I’ll be getting more crit. I don’t want my crit to be so high that I don’t have the damage behind it.

Though nothing is ever set in stone, I’m going to see how this set up fares for me.