More Druid leveling stories – yay! I promise I’ll get back to my Hunter. I may be raiding tonight with my guild. If I do, I’ll have full coverage the next day.

To my Druid, I finally finished all my Helfire Peninsula quests and I moved onto Zangarmarsh. Being a Druid I, of course, have my eye on Earthwarden among a few other nice Cenarion Expedition items and I’ve been researching the fastest, most efficient and cheapest way to get Exalted with CE.

For those who may be intrested: Snag at least 350 Unidentified Plant Parts to get from Neutral to Honored (depending on your race), quest and do instances from Honored to Exalted, that’s my plan anyway.

Anywho, as I’m running around in Zangarmarsh trying to finish out my level, I always flag myself as LFG followed by the note “FERAL DRUID – can tank or dps.” You’d still be surprised to know how many people still ask me what my spec is. -_-;

Yes, I do tend to PUG (Pick Up Group) a lot. I hate doing it as much as you, but I can’t ever find anyone in my guild who wants to run anything. I’m forced to do, what I need to do. Generally, I seem to do pretty well with PUGs. Plus, as I’m sure you all know, if you find yourself being picked up by a group with 2 Warlocks, a Priest and a Rogue and the Priest says “Who’s tanking?” Get the heck out of Dodge!

Well, I get a /tell asking if I can tank Underbog. Why sure I can tank, I’ve done it before! In bear form I have just under 8k in Armor, my dodge is at 34% and my crit is at 29% – I think I’m up for the challenge. So I do as any good Warcraft player will do, I head on down to Underbog and meet up with the group which consists of a Rogue, Warrior, Priest and Mage. Pretty good group make up for just a PUG and so I ask, since we have a Warrior in the group, if they still want me to tank. They tell me yes.

I shift in to bear, call out “inc” and start doing my Fuzzy-Tank thing. Now as a Druid, I realize that sometimes I may need to shift out to throw a heal every so often. I’m always checking the health of my group along with the mana to make sure everyone is fine. We get about 4 pulls in and the Warrior asks “Can you tank more than one mob at a time?” I tell him “I can.”

I’m thinking to myself – not that anyone has been complaining about me not holding aggro, and we have the dps to burn things down quite fast not to mention an mage is Ice spec and is able to sheep or hold a mob in place just long enough for us to get to it. Also as a Feral Druid, it takes me a few good swipes to build some rage. I won’t get Lacerate until 68 and from what Panda’s told me it’s the equivalent to a Warrior’s Sunder. In the middle my thinking, our warrior says to me “THEN DO IT.” I’m a little surprised by his abrasive nature. I mean he IS a warrior and if things were THAT bad.. has he ever heard of off-tank?

I shake off the comment.

Now…to add, before any instance if I see a mining node or herb I ask my group if there are any other miners or herbers. I’ve seen this many times before where people will either roll, rotate or share a tap for the level up.

This same warrior, sees an ore node across the map and bee-lines for it. Can you guess what he did? Two points if you said he aggroed! At first I was hoping that no one would heal him, because I sure wasn’t. He pulled his mob to us expecting us to save his life. We, of course, kill the mob. He returns to the ore and finishes it.

I say, “FYI – I am a miner too.” He shoots back “Cool.” “Do you think I care? No.” I bite my lip and type back “Obviously not since you didn’t ask if there were any other miners.” Our priest then adds “That usually means you roll to tap the nodes.”

Now I’m fuming and ranting to Pandas, who’s trying to tell me to pull a large aggro and wipe the group. Bad, Pandas bad! Maybe if I was on Wulf and I could Feign Death…

We get to the first boss in Underbog, down him rather easy when our “favorite” Warrior says, “OMG my dog is on fire, I have to save him.” And logs out of the instance.

. . . WTF ?! . .

Now I can’t hold my anger and I type in our party chat, “OMG that guy was an @$$ h0l3. Sorry <name of the Rogue who was in the same guild as the Warrior>.” He doesn’t say anything but, “np.” My group starts to look for a 5th to replace the Warrior when the Rogue says “This isn’t going to work out. The tank can’t hold more than one mob, no offense, I’m going.” Then he leaves.

I swear if I could have breathed fire, I would have. What a bunch of ingrates! I mean come on – we were doing fine in the instance, our Mage only died because he pulled aggro once, which no one was able to get off, and he stood too close to a mushroom when it exploded. After the Rogue left, then the Mage was quick to follow.

I thanked the Priest for coming and apologized for the group not working out. The Priest told me not to worry about it and that they grouped with the same two guys before and they were just as selfish the last time.

I zone out and begin questing again. I’m venting to my good buddy, Thalorya. She’s such a sweetheart. She’s always there for a good shoulder to lean on (when I feel I’ve drove Pandas over the edge) and her solution to every problem, “Punch them in the face.” always makes me laugh. So in mid-rant I get a tell from who else, that fricken Warrior.

“Why did you call me an @$$ h0l3? My dog was on fire.”

. . .

/ignore Togchi

I haven’t had to deal with jerks like that since Burning Crusades started. RAR!! >.<! Needless to add, Togchi is a gem crafter to and I will never, ever, ever buy anything from him. /snort

*btw, thanks Blizz for the funny header ^_^