druid_bearform2.jpg… I saw a bear. Out in the woods…away up there!

The other day I saw a bear – out in the woods away up there~ere~ere~ere~ere~ere~!”

Ha-ha. Love that song. Anyway, those who have been following my blog I’ve recently decided to level my Druid. Leveling has been much nicer for Foxx than with Wulf since hardly anyone wanted a hunter in an instance. >,<! With the help of my Druid Mentor, Pandas, I’ve been able to gear up and spec that I can Bear-Tank or Cat-DPS in any situation. In fact, the other day when I tanked my first instance I did pretty well. Judging by the fact my group didn’t wipe and no one yelled at me. ^_^;

What I wanted to touch upon today is a sensitive subject, the n00b. Granted I still do newbie things like pulling when I shouldn’t and the ever so popular hunter wipe, but if I make a mistake while playing two things will happen:

  1. Group wipe, I apologize, we rez and continue on.
  2. Instantly correct my mistake by using pet to off tank, or I’ll even try to pull and kite my mistake until I can get an ice trap down to contain it.

I’ve even known expertise hunters on our server who’ve had their fair share of n00b hunter errors – like forgetting to feed their pet to the point it get angry and leaves. We all make mistakes we are all human..or night elf..or..you get the point.

A few nights back, with my newly 61 druid, I’m reading guild chat (this is the guild that Wulf left). One of the main, raiding Feral Druids said that he was almost up to 20k HP with no fort buff. The only buff he had was his own “Paw” buff. This druid is a pure tanking druid in the fact that I’ve hardly ever seen him go cat form. The comment which followed next is the one that stunned me.

A second druid in the guild then comments how she only has 8k in HP when she is in bear form. At first the comment glazed over me until I realized she was level 70. I shifted into bear form and saw that I had just over 6k in HP. No one said much at the comment till I pipped up and asked “How is it at 61 that I can have 6k in health while at 70 you have 8k in health?” She answered by saying “I just buy all gear that has attack power on it.” This comment caught the attention of a few other Druid players and tried to put their 2 copper in by explaining to her she needs to find other types of gear and mix her stats better. She takes it all with a grain of salt (which I was proud that no one started bashing her) and says “Then you all need to get me better gear.”


It’s not a guild’s job to get you gear. As a guild member you are part of a team. Just like any sport you are expected to come prepared, understand your class and work on getting gear yourself. Don’t expect hand outs. This is why I left the guild – too many people expecting just that.

Folks this is my plea to you. If you have questions about your class don’t be afraid to ask for help. Not only will this help you understand your class, but your fellow Warcraft players too.

There are many places to ask and look for help. Whether it’s in game from friends or fellow guildies, the Warcraft boards, Warcraft Bloggers or special forms from class specific websites. Believe it or not, there are people who are always willing to help or explain stuff you may not quite understand.

And yes, you will have those people who just want to flex their e-peen at you. They may call you names or tell you “L2Playn00b” but who cares! You don’t know them, they don’t know you. From my experience, anyone who picks on you for asking a question usually get picked on by those who want to help you.

Trust me, even I don’t know the answer to every hunter question out there and I still even as questions about my own class. I’ve never been Survivalist or Beast Master long enough to understand how they function so I will NEVER tell someone to spec one way or only my way or think I can handle a question about a class that I’ve never even touched.

So today’s lesson, don’t be afraid to ask questions – you’re only benefiting yourself. ^_^

(this also carries on in the real-world too!!)