Remember back when at level 60 you were considered ‘uber?’ Now hitting 60 just means 10 more levels of grinding. Ha! But after almost 2 years of playing WoW, I finally hit 60 with my druid. It’s a big accomplishment for me. Surprisingly, it was quite easier since the 2.3 patch. I remember with Wulf having to do almost every single quest in every single zone just to hit 60.

My goal is to get my druid up to 70. Why? So my druid can farm! Yeah, yeah I know “I’m a hunter and hunters are great farmers.” Which is true. Recently I discovered that I can solo farm LBRS. Great for drops and enchanting mats! When I say “farm” I mean professions. Wulf is Enchanting/Engineering – not much of a money maker unless I want to sell all my enchanting mats. Foxx is Mining/Herbing – see where I’m going with this?


I decided that once Foxx hit 60, I wouldn’t hit Outlands until I was 300 in both my gathering professions. That way as I ran all over the map questing I could pick and mine as I go along. Leveling up my mining quite easy. Herbing was the equivalent of watching paint dry, long and boring. I found myself running around in Felwood. I was having issues finding the Gromsblood I needed to get from 250-26, thank goodness for Sungrass. Then I discovered a little trick.

Before I went mining/herb with my druid I was Leatherworking and Skinning. I was able to make myself a nice pair of Herbalist’s Gloves and had Wulf enchant them with +5 to Herbalism. They’ve been very nice in helping me level up my skill but I eventually realized that if I see a green herb while wearing my gloves if I take them off the green turns to yellow and I get a guaranteed skill up. Score! After realizing this, my herbing went very quickly from 260-300. I thought this was fairly creative but my buddy Panda’s called me out on it. Here’s a little snip it of our coversation (it’s pretty silly):

Pandas: btw, go go druid moonglade port. Made it a very nice trip with instant hearth stone.

Foxx: just clear all the mobs in the same room as the npc – one of them is bound to drop it.

Foxx: I love that thing.

Foxx: I also love [Herbalist’s Gloves]

Pandas: cheater!

Foxx: XD

Foxx: I’ll tell you what’s cheating, taking off [Herbalist’s Gloves] to change a green to a yellow skill up ; )

Pandas: : P : P : P

It’s not really cheating folks, but poor Pandas had to skill up his herbing the old fashioned way. ^_^ ❤ ya Panda Bear!!

So yeah! That’s my little advice/trick to those of you grinding herbalism. Get yourself a pair of +5 Herb gloves, enchant that with +5 Herb and pick away. Once everything in the zone you’re herbing goes green, take off the gloves and reap the benefits of picking yellows again.

The same would probably work with mining and skinning. With mining you have to be goblin engineering so you can make the BOP Goblin Mining Helmet, and get yourself a pair of gloves with the +5 mining enchant.

Skinning is a little different. There is a +5 skinning enchant for gloves as well, but the only other items I can think of that has +10 to skinning (for a grand total of +15 to skinning) is Finkle’s Skinner, which drops off The Beast in UBRS and the Zulian Slicer from High Priest Thekal in ZG. Though, those last two items you really can’t score until late into the game (pre-BC late). You may have a better chance getting a small group for UBRS over a group for ZG – but these 2 instances are rarely ran, good luck getting them. Remember, if there’s a will there’s a way.