Yesterday after running an amazing 8-2 3v3 with my Arena Team I decided to get on my Druid. The story about my Druid was she was my first toon in Warcraft. I got a little tired of her around the 40’s and at that time I had some old DAOC friends start playing WoW. I decided to roll a new toon with them so we could all level and thus Wulf was born. Since Wulf, I never looked back at my Druid. Now that Wulf is 70, have completed 99% of all the Outland Quests, leveled up all my melee and ranged skills, got my cooking, first aid, fishing, enchanting and engineering maxed, have hit Revered with Ogrilla, Skyguard, and Netherwing, own a 300 riding Netherdrake Mount, have all the heroic keys to all the Outland Instances, PvP-ed enough to get over 75k in honor for some kick ass PvP gear AND not raiding yet with a guild.. what else is there to do?

In the last 2 months, though at first it was a slow grind, I have gotten Foxx from 48 to 57. My ol’ buddy Pandas has been kind enough to run me through BRD for some quests and gear. Since I was able to, I figured that I might as well get attuned for MC. We ran BRD, I got my Core Crystal few other sweet drops. After our arena run, as mentioned, I got onto my Druid and decided to do a few quest turn ins.

I go to turn in the crystal to the NPC guy who gives the MC quest and that’s when it hit me. How quite it was down there. There wasn’t one group, one person trying to run BWL, BRD, UBRS, LBRS and certainly no one outside MC. That’s when it hit me. Just over a year ago, that zone was the place to be. There would be so many people lined up around the portals waiting to get in, dead people running back in from a raid wipe, hard core raiders sporting their BWL gear.. and now, it might as well be a cemetery.


Though I really enjoy the new content that BC brought to us, I remember running MC with my old guild and that night we finally downed Rag. Or trying week after week to master the first boss in BWL. All really fun and special memories. I do hope that Blizz updates the content for those old instances – I miss running through there. I don’t miss trying to organize 40 people for a raid, but it’s not like it wasn’t possible. After all we all did it. But with Wrath of the Lich King on the horizon, I could see these ‘old school’ instances being turned into a 25 man raid easy.