kara-head.jpg Alright! Back in Kara… but with my old guild – lol. Last night Sanctum was running SSC and trying their hardest to down Lady Vashj, which the did! Gratz all! WOO HOO! /dance /cheer

Ahem, but back to my tale…

I was running my set of dailies, cooking and some BEM quests, got my quota done and switched to my druid. As I was leveling, I got a tell from some friends in TCF asking if Wulf was saved to Kara for anything. Since she wasn’t I was asked to join for an Illhoof and Prince run. Sweet! Maybe.. just maybe he might drop the Sunfury Bow. /crosses fingers.

I get my summon, load up on arrows and head in. Illhoof is first. I actually like Illhoof, though I’ve only done it once. Our group makes its way behind the hidden book case, clear all the mobs and then like true Group 1 form, we wait…and wait…and wait…

Unlike past raids where G1 swaps in and out alts, one of our priests went off line and we were hoping he would come back. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and the craziness set in.

I’ll admit, I’m usually the first one to /dance in any type of down time which is almost guaranteed to get more people to join me but when our friendly, neighborhood warlock joined in on the fun – watch out.


Yikes, kids cover your eyes and fathers lock up your daughters! lol. After a good 3 min, we all got our fill of “nekked gnome” dancing and we geared up for Illhoof. Took us 3 tries and down he went. I picked up my badges and Illhoof was kind enough to drop Girdle of the Prowler and Mender’s Heart-Ring.

Next was Prince for a nice one shot. Got my badges but no bow. After threatening to DE Gorehowl we headed to Netherspite. Things didn’t do so hot there. We only gave it 3 tries before we decided that enough was enough and moved onto Horseman, he dropped us some badges and some loots and we wrapped up our night with Maiden. Nice thing about that fight was not only did I get some badges but a nice little void crystal that no one wanted to roll on.

Over all, it was a good raid. I laughed, I cried (because I was laughing so hard at one point in the night) and I can always use the badges. Now if I could manage to get into more of my new guild raids I’d be happy puppy. /patience >.<!