Yay finally!! After doing cooking quests since the 2.3 release I finally picked up 2 new recipes:


I decided to try out a new method, rather than just always opting for the crate of meat, I figured why not try rotating my choices. Whether this “really” helped my chances or I’ve just been lucky the past two days, I can’t complain.

I’ve also been working on getting my Ogre Faction up as well. At first I really didn’t see the point in it, but since Skyguard quests gave honor for Ogri’la, I quickly found myself hitting revered with them. Too bad I didn’t think of this sooner because I may be exalted already but oh well. Since I’ve been doing Ogri’la I found that the quest “The Relic’s Emanation” is very fun. The mobs that hang out by the “game board” are easy to clear out and remembering the color sequences isn’t really that hard, since all I have to do is write them down. : P

While clearing out the mobs before I started my game one Gan’arg Analyzer was kind enough to drop the new Field Repair Robot 110G Schematic. I knew I needed to farm this, but I had yet to do the research and realize that these guys dropped it. Nice little surprise.