za-header.jpgOn Wednesday, my guild had a post about running ZA that evening. I posted stating that I would like to join if they had room for a hunter, much to my surprise they did. Our goal was to get through the timed instance but since half of us had never really gone through ZA we needed a learning curve.

This was my 2nd time in ZA, but the first time was with a PUG. Generally I don’t put myself out for PUGs when it comes to anything more than a 5 man instance, unless it’s a guild thing, but surprisingly our little rag-tag group did pretty well. Shockingly everyone in the PUG was pretty calm and collective, I personally think it may have been that we just wanted to poke our noses in to see what it looked like. We just about made it to the first boss, but that last pull before him where we had the most trouble.

In my 2nd trip back, we actually made it past the first boss and honestly, I didn’t think he was that tough. Granted I’m just the “pew-pew – dee-pee-ess” class, but like the first run I did, it’s that last group before Nalorakk that’s a doozy. Once we got our strat worked out we managed to get the 4-some down and Nalorakk wasn’t too far behind.


Off to the eagle boss, Akil’zon. Getting there was half the challenge since the mobs run up at you in waves. Really not much of a problem though. Once we got up to the tower Akil’zon chills at, our raid leader explained the strat. That too sounded simple enough, the key is just paying attention to the calls. We almost downed him a few times but we wiped more than I can remember. I think our biggest problem was our timing was off. Unfortunately it was getting late and we all had to log.


Out of the 2 hours of raiding, I finished my 20 slot bag quest, picked up 2 more quests inside Zul’Aman, grabbed a badge from the bear boss and a nice set of brand new shoulders.