Since 2.3, I have enjoyed having no deadzone, watching my arcane shot remove buffs of people and seeing the aimed shot small icon tick away after those who have faced the wrath of MY mortal strike.

Since 2.3, I have been doing cooking quests only to have gotten one lousy recipe, Spicy Hot Talbuk.

Since 2.3, I haven’t been able to fully raid Zul’Aman, but I did poke my head inside with a pug. It was really cool and I am dying to get in there and and get my little hunter paws on some nice ‘lewts.’

Since 2.3, two stealth “fixes” went in for Hunters, the double ice trap effect and feign death + drinking during boss fights

Since 2.3, I have picked up my new Engineering recipes for the new flying mount. I have yet to start collecting the mats, but a friend kind of convinced me that yelling “GET TO DAH CHOPPAH” while summoning my Engineering copter, might be fun.

Since 2.3, I now had a reason to get my Enchanting up to 375 so I could apply the +4 stats to my rings.

Since 2.3, I have spent a total of 15 minutes farming Sunfury Archers for my Schematic: Adamantite Arrow Maker. I have also sold most of my Adamantite Bullets because I have upgraded to the new Karazhan Ammo. I have also been looking for the new 24 slot ammo bags. I found the quiver on the AH for 300g but a friend convinced me to farm the mats and buy the nether rather than spend all that money.

Since 2.3, I have noticed that my riding Talbuk now makes a noise when I rear back on the reins.

Since 2.3, I began to level up my druid alt again. Level 70 here we come!

Since 2.3, I went fishing and got my Weather-Beaten Journal of my 3rd pile of Flotsam in Zangarmarsh

Since 2.3, I made myself a pair of Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles and I’ve been able to collect motes from many different places since they all show up on my mini-map now. I had no idea that Heavy Knothide Leather was so expensive.