As mentioned in a previous blog, I was having some problems with my old Guild. Few really great people, some who I have been friends with since my DAOC days, but recently we had too many bad apples that I had to get out. I felt bad and I still feel bad leaving them but I had a long chat with a good friend/GM before I left. He had dropped some hints that he was aware of the problems I was mentioning and I also got the idea that something else may be going down. I figured I’d get out while the gettin’ is good.

I applied to a few guilds and 1 got back with me, however no hunter raid spots. /cry

I decided to join them anyway, seeing that I knew someone in the guild but it sucks not raiding. It’s driving me batty. I need badges!! I even applied to a guild who was looking for 2, yes 2, hunters to raid with but they told me my gear wasn’t up to what they were raiding. -_-; In a conversation, I talked to another good hunter friend of mine to even tried putting in a good word to the GM about me. I was told to reapply and that I would probably get in… though I have yet to hear anything from this guild. Part of me feels he was just blowing smoke up my friends @$$.

I still have connections with my old guild, though some of my old guildies would like to see my head on Moroes Dining Table from what I’ve been told. I kept my promise to the GM and I still help out with their website and my alts are all in my old guild.

With my new guild, everyone seems really nice. I’ve ran a heroic and helped with Nightbane in the week I have been a member with them. I’ve talked with a few of their raiding hunters and it really shocked me how well they don’t know their class. I wish I could go to the GM with my list of why it should be me and not them…but since I am new I still need to put in my Recruit time and build a reputation before I can get my raiding chance.

Though… I am still looking for a guild to is looking for a hunter to raid with. Being patient sucks. >.<