snakes.jpgI read about this in BigRedKitty’s Blog and I had to try it out. Despite his warning, despite his begging… curiosity got the Wulf. Apparently, there is a small bug with Snake Trap. For example, you’re killing mobs where ever and a member of the opposing faction walks by while you have snake trap placed down. Normally, the mob would trip the trap and the snakes would attack only that mob, but now the snakes will attack the member of the opposing faction too. Oro? But what if that member isn’t PvP flagged? LOL – they still get attacked. I guess something happened where Snakes forgot all about PvP flags. Heh.

Like I said, curiosity got to me and I had to test it out. This morning while I was on my way to pick up new ammo from the vendor outside Karazhan, I spy an AFK undead warlock. Hmm.. what better chance too… wha? I got Aggro from one of the ghosts.. OH NOES!! What is a hunter to do.. I guess I better use my snake trap to save my skin…

lol.. i got a good chuckle as I saw my snakes B-line for that AFK Warlock. He popped up so fast and was looking all around as I innocently take out my mob aggro. Next thing I see, he’s calling out his pet, buffing himself, drinking pots and conjuring up a health stone… but neither of us are PvP flagged. As a smirk crawled along my face, I purchased my ammo and logged.

I’m not going to share what other fun I can have with this is going through my devious little brain, but I’m sure some of you creative hunters can think your own “fun” to have with this bug before it’s fixed.