screenshot_159.jpgI recently joined a 5v5 Arena Team through my guild. We’ve only done one week of running and we are still working out our mechanics but I got about 350+ arena points just for one week. I know it’s not much but still, I’m a happy hunter.

Anywho, I’ve been using my pvp pet, my cat, as my pet of choice. I decided to do some research on Scorpids since 5v5 seems to be much different from 2v2. Typically, I use my cat to shadowmeld/prowl on the opponents we come up against in 2v2, but since we have such a mixture of players it’s a little pointless, hence my questioning a Scorpid. After much searching on Google, other hunter blogs and, yes, even the Hunter WoW Boards, I decided to try out a Scorpid. The question of which of my 3 pets will I get rid of was rather easy. Bye-bye to my Sethekk Halls Owl. It hurt a little, but the pain wasn’t long. I headed out to Shadowmoon Valley since they have level 68-69 Scorpids and promptly tamed one.

As for naming, the last Scorpids I tamed in the past I always gave them names after Mexican food. Why? It just seemed to fit. I had Taco, Nacho and Taquito. Thinking my next Scorpid would be Burrito, after a guild joke, until I saw the name of another Hunter’s Scorpid. I loved it and jumped on it. So meet, Sasori (yes I am a Naruto fan).


He’s an interesting pet so far. He’s only 69, and only really knows Scorpid Sting 5 and Growl 7. He’s still a rebellious little bugger and I’m constantly feeding him hoping to raise that happiness some. Since I am on my mad BG grind to 75k honor, I haven’t had much time to level him to 70 yet and work on that happiness. I’m hoping to do level up Sasori before our next Arena run. Since he’s strictly for Arena, I’m thinking of training him this way:


Though if anyone has any other suggestions I am all ears. I was able to mess around a little bit in AV yesterday, though when I had him attack the lone Blood Elf Pally, he only stacked his poison once before he died. Meh, he’s only 69 and hardly has any resists so I hardly call it a fair test. I’ll do my best on tracking my progress with Sasori and hopefully I can update his first Rookie Arena Run.