rar3.jpgThis weekend, while running arena skirmishes with my arena partner I decided to respec to Beastmaster. Why, because I’ve heard that BM owns in arena and I’m really trying to help my 2v2 team get a better rating. I’ve been Marksman for so long it took some adjusting, in fact a lot of adjusting. I kept searching for my scatter shot constantly and on a few occasions my silence shot.

However, I was amazed when I would pop Bestial Wrath. To watch me and my pet rip through anyone wearing cloth and leather. The one issue I had with the BM line is I felt like a one-trick pony after 18 seconds was up. If I or my arena partner couldn’t get at least one opponent down, I was out of luck. I had to do my best to kite and trap, but being Marksman by nature I found myself scrambling for my scatter shot key.

My BM run only lasted an hour and I respecced back to Marks. I had my security blankets back. I realize that I didn’t really give BM a fair try though, and I still wonder “what if.” Even now I contemplate trying out BM again, especially since Pandas has gone back to Feral, I know my damage would go up more and I get a crit buff as well. I do enjoy giving a good scatter shot to the face, and oh how I love silence shot with rapid fire. Trueshot Aura is an added bonus to the Marksman tree as well. Though looking at the Beastmaster’s tree, Intimidation is as good as scatter shot, though the cool down is twice as long. And if something was to happen to my pet, I can’t use it. Beastial Wrath, as I saw, is an amazing ability. I remember when I first switched to BM, back when the talents were redesigned, I was BM for about 2 weeks. I was in awe when I soloed my first warlock, one-on-one, when I first used Bestial Wrath. Did I mention I meleed him down? As I weigh the differences between the the two trees, I’ll probably end up going to the PTR and looking at different stats and specs. Hopefully I’ll find something I like and stick with it, all this gold spending is burning a hole in my pocket. Thank goodness for dailies. Until then, I shall continue to struggle with “letting loose the beast” or keeping my “humanity.”