Things in our guild have been a little stagnant. We have yet to progress out of Karazhan, and things are getting a little boring. Those who have alts are more than happy to gear them out, but when all I have is one toon it’s a little frustrating to do the same thing over and over. At least when the 2.3 patch comes out I’ll be able to collect badges from the mobs.

452413-001-copy.jpgSo to keep myself from going crazy, my good friend Pandas suggested we start an Arena team. Never doing arena, but enjoying the idea of PvP I was more than eager to try it out. Our team, “When Animals Attack,” is doing fairly well. We’ve been doing 2v2 Arena for just over a month. Our average rating is about 1400+. We’d like to try to get that up to 1500+ but we don’t really have the PvP gear, nor the damage output just yet. We did okay as a Hunter/Feral Druid combo, but then Pandas switched to Resto. Great, we have a healer!!

So a Marks Hunter (yea I know, i SHOULD go BM but I really like Marks) and a Resto Druid, we did a little better. He could keep me up, he was able to cyclone people into submission while me and my cat, Humar the Pridelord, worked on the other person. After a while Pandas wanted to give his Warlock, Ropp, a try. Now I’m thinking ” /drool OP-ed Warlock.” Well.. maybe not so quite OP-ed. Ropp is well geared, but not geared enough to destroy people – yet! ^_~ One nice thing about being on a 2v2 with a Warlock is, thanks to Ropp, I understand the class a little better. I know their strengths and weaknesses and I’m less likely to run in the opposite direction when I see them.

We are working on our PvP skills, I’ve even respecced a little to maybe give my offense a little more defense. I picked up Imp. Concussive Shot, dropped my Efficiency from 5/5 to 1/5, Go For the Throat is now 1/2, and I completely dropped Combat Experience. In Survival, I ditched Survival Strikes for Imp. Wing Clip 2/3, dropped Clever Traps to get 5/5 in Survivalist and I was able to have enough points to put 3/3 into Surefooted.

What I’ve noticed so far: I drain my mana much faster, I lost some AP and about .30 Crit. But I did gain about 700 HP, which from what I read is important for Arena.

As my partner and I work on our arena skills, trying to earn us our Arena points, we are grinding Honor out like crazy for the new patch. We are looking into buying our season 1 gear and the upgrades of the buyable PvP bracers, belt, boots, rings and necklace. That’s a lot of Honor to grind! I’ve also thought about going for 2 1H weapons as apposed to a 2H weapon. I know that all hunters say 2H for PvP so you can hit harder, but face it… I’m a hunter, I don’t want to melee if at all possible. A hunter friend of mine says he uses 2 1Handers so he can wing clip faster. Makes all the sense to me.

Since it’s Tuesday, our battles have reset for the week, we got our 200+ points from our last matches and I am eager to see how this new 0/43/18 spec works out for me.