Yea it’s been a while since I updated my blog. I’ve been busy with personal things like, getting married. Now that all the craziness has settled down I’ve been able to get back to Warcraft. Last night we were back in Karazhan. Our guild lost a lot of core players over the month and we are having to rebuild (I’ll save the guild drama for another day). I really tried to take a break off from Kara but I was sucked in to the vortex of /tells from the guildies. The one plus, our main tank went back to just that – tanking. He’s been playing his Pally for the last month and a half, and I honestly like him better as a tank. Back onto Kara though.

kara-head.jpgWe started our raid right around 6:30pm server, which is good. It means more time for more bosses, though with the rebuild of our current group we’ve been lucky to make it to Curator by 10pm. Not this time, we actually had Curator down by 9pm on the dot. As for myself, I had been using my trusty Owl for a bit and brought him to the raid. He hung in there pretty good but nothing that my wolf, Kiba, couldn’t handle. We actually saw a lot of new loot, which is nice. I’m hoping for the Gloves of Quickening since I started PVPing (and of course I’ve been asked to DE them 2 times since I never wanted them before) and the Saberclaw Talisman from Shade.

We did make it all the way to Prince for once taking along the way, Attumen the Huntsman, Moroes, Maiden, Opera Event (Romulo & Julianne) Curator, Shade and the Chess Event. By then it was almost 11:30pm server and we decided to give Prince one try. A guildy decided to share a new strat with us which we tried, but miserably failed at. So Prince will have to wait until Sunday. Hopefully he will drop my T4 Helm (which I’ve been jipped out of twice now) and I wouldn’t mind if he dropped Sunfury Either.