I’ve been quite busy with RL adventures so sorry for the late update.

kara-head.jpgLast Monday we finished up our Karazhan raid from the Tuesday before. It’s still a bit frustrating because of the whole group swap alt thing. We go much slower still though we didn’t wipe nearly as bad. We had everything cleared up to Chess event so all that was really left to take down was Prince. Our group had our “A” toons out and we were able to 1 shot Prince. I think that may be a group first since we’ve officially put him on farm status. No hunter loot, and no helm.

The entire raid took us a half hour and we had nothing left to do other than the optionals. We had been trying for a few weeks to down Illhoof. We came pretty close with two warlocks, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Our group had a warlock and a mage, so they were on portal imps. We had our macros set and we charged in head first, and what a long fight it was. Everything was timed perfectly, we worked great as a group and we were able to one-shot Illhoof that raid. We were all so excited. When it came time for loot, he dropped my belt. I couldn’t have been more excited to upgrade my Felstalker Belt for Girdle of the Prowler. Thank you Illhoof.

I wanted to get a screenie of us downing him, but just after we saw the loot I began to lag and I was disconnected. I got back on after a long 5 minutes and we were on our way to try Nightbane.

What a cool Karazhan event. We tried him a good 5 or 6 times before we had to give up. Our group record that nice was getting him down to 47%. Not bad at all for our first time. I look forward to trying him again. Considering he drops a pretty decent chest piece that I could use for the time being.