kara-head.jpgTuesday nights my guild has our Karazhan runs. We’ve been doing them since the first few guild members got keyed and we were able to set foot inside. My guild isn’t a “leet raiding” guild by any means but we do pretty well in instances. My beginning runs with Karazhan didn’t go well, plus I didn’t have any 3.5 gear, and left a bad taste in my mouth. I vowed not to enter into the instance until I had the gear I needed to help out my group ( the bonus for 2pc is a reduced cooldown on traps by 4 sec.).

Move forward about 3 months and my guild has 2 groups running Kara. I am in group 2. Group 2 is a sold core group of raiders there for business, we don’t bother clearing everything, most of us are geared very well and we can do, what we consider a full clear, in a night. I’m very happy with my group, we always have a fun time raiding and what our roles are. Last night they decided to swap main characters up with alts and bring in a few new people to Group 2. Needless to say we moved MUCH slower and we wiped on bosses that we normally 1 shot with ease. I wasn’t a very happy hunter, but I held my temper at bay. We did make it to Prince and on our third try of getting him down to less than 10% health, we had to call it due to it being almost midnight. We will have to continue our raid on Monday.

Not much dropped in the way of hunter ‘lewts, other than Shade dropping:


Thankfully our group rogue had his Drape and I was the only one who rolled. Though I think I would have gone through the roof if our “Whoot Lore” Druid would have rolled on it. (Not that I hate Druids, I have one myself – but everything that dropped that no one else needed he would say “I could use that for Boomkin, I could use that for Feral, I could use that for healing….” ) XD