Yep. I finally did it. Really it didn’t take too long. Probably under a week and a half. Basically I did the dailies every day (hence the name) and the quests that would come up, either from a new rep title or from a dropped item that started the quest. Oh, and I learned the hard way from Argent Dawn, to be patient and wait to do turn ins. It was hard but I was able to collect enough Netherwing Eggs to get me from Revered to Exalted with only doing one set of dailies. The eggs, as I mentioned, are pretty much all over. They key is just finding them. I went to you tube and there just happens to be a few videos of where the eggs spawn. And it was through this video I learned about the spawn points in Dragonmaw Fortress. I’m not sure if many people realize that eggs spawn there. That’s the best place to get your eggs. I would just log on a few times a day, do some egg circuits and log out. I averaged about 4/5 eggs a day. Not to shabby.

So yea, I hit exalted with the help of my best buddy, Pandas (we did some of our quests together). The little mini end cinematic is pretty neat. You get to see Illidan, well in shade form. He yells and screams at you and tells Overlord Mor’ghor to, well, pretty much destroy you. But not to worry, you get saved. ^_^

I really hope that Blizzard has more quests like this to grind out your rep faction. I remember Pre-B.C. when I needed Timbermaw faction for a +15 Agility enchant for a 2 Handed Weapon. Wow, what a long and grueling grind was that. I didn’t even need to get Exalted! Of course each mob I killed was only worth something like 5 or 10 rep points. -_-Now that I’m done with my Netherwing grind, I feel a sense of relief that I no longer need to compete with people for Netherwing Eggs and I can help Pandas out. “All my egg belong to him! ” I also don’t have to sweat over some of the more annoying daily quests too. Though I do have two races left, Wing Commander Mulverick and Captain Skyshatter. Not that I NEED to do them now, but it’s a sense of accomplishment for me.

/whisper And the fact that it pays really well too when you beat them.

I decided to go with Voranaku, the Violet Netherwing Drake. Here’s a pict of me with my new ride. ^_^


(yea it’s like a 16 year old standing in front of their first car 😛 )