I’ve been meaning to post a little more information on myself such as stats, pets, blah – blah – blah stuff. Or maybe I just just link my armory page.

But anyway, like a lot of people on my server I too am working on my Netherwing Faction for dragon3.jpgmy Netherwing Drake. I think they are so cool! But I know the big question can be, “how to I get 5000g for my riding skill?” Simple really. When Burning Crusades came out, I did every single quest in each zone. Being a hunter, most quests are easy to solo especially since not many people want to group with a hunter in an instance. >.< By the time I hit 70 I had finished all the quests in Nagrand. That left me Blades Edge Mountains, Shadowmoon Valley, and Netherstorm to quest in. Since my professions really aren’t money makers, I quested -quested -quested. By the time I had done all I could do, I was at 4000g. Not bad. 🙂 Then my good hunter friend Thalorya gave me the rest of the gold I needed for my skill. It was my wedding gift from her and her Fiancé, Bojj.

Now I’ve been grinding out my Netherwing Rep for a week now. Honestly, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. You can pretty much burn through the dailies from Neutral – Friendly – Honored. With a few little non-daily quests here and there. But the most amazing part is the Netherwing Egg hunt. When I first heard about this quest, I thought “No way am I going to look for eggs that randomly spawn.” Though to my surprise, I guess a lot of other people thought the same thing because I find eggs ALL OVER the place. Sure I’ll see one or two people picking up an egg here or there, but I can generally find 1 egg every time I log on and I can average about 3-5 eggs a day. At 250 Rep a turn in, I figured why not collect as many eggs as I can and turn them in for the last grind of my rep. Currently, I am almost 8000 Rep into Honored and I have 65 Netherwing Eggs!! How do I do it? I guess it’s just my hunter instincts that kick in, oh and a little bit of luck. Not to mention that last night I got 4 Netherwing Egg drops for the first time from mobs in the caves. /orc dance

Once I hit Exalted, I’ll be more than happy to share my methods with any of you fellow Netherwing Faction Grinders.