This year Blizzard put one of the best Winter Veil gifts to date: The Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater. For those who play without sound, you are missing out. Upon use of this item, not only will your toon pull out a Holiday Scroll and sing, but you can actually hear sleigh bells and “La-La-La-La’s.” I so want one of these sweaters IRL. You have until Jan 2nd to pick up your Festive Sweater and complete the Achievement: A-Caroling We Will Go.

Happy Holidays!


Chuck Norris is a Hunter!

Except that Chuck Norris doesn’t hunt, because hunting would imply the possibility of failure.

This year I am not physically in attendance at Blizzcon. The ticket price was a little high, and there are better things I could do with that money right now so.. I settled on the Virtual Ticket.

For those of you watching every second of the convention, you already know about the new Expansion involving these guys:

A lot of people predicted this race was to come and the early leak of the “Mists of Pandaria” also hinted toward them. This news was fun and packed full of excitement, and yes, got me “geeked,” but the biggest news of all:


Hoooooooowdy all! Worgen joke – ahem…

I’ve poked my head out of the Firelands to share a nifty tidbit for you Power Auras users. For those unfamiliar with Power Auras it’s an addon that allows you to customize your cool downs, procs, and burst abilities with small icons, sounds and timers. For example, on my UI a small green circle on the ground if my serpent sting is not up or has fallen off.

I won’t go into the ins & outs of setting up Power Auras since there are plenty of blogs who have done this. I will touch base on one of the special options Power Auras feature: customized sound – more specifically in-game sounds. World of Warcraft has sound effects that cover every corner of it’s world. Whether it’s a spell effect, your own character talking or a gurgling Murloc  you can use these sounds along with your Power Auras.


This is it, my new, old, new blog site. For those of you who followed me when I first started out, this was the site I did all my blogging. I decided to return here because I there was a need to trim some financial fat and my personal hosted site was just one of the things that got a nip/tuck.

So I hope you all enjoy the new look. Oh yes and for few who don’t know by now – I race changed to a Worgen. :3

So real life has taken a huge bite out of me and gobbled me up whole. I’m still kickin’ it just no time to really sit down and blog about stuff just yet. Why, oh why, must everyone want to sell their houses right now! Eeeeeeek

Not really, but it sort of feels that way. Very sorry for the lack of updates, but there has been a lot going on lately. First and foremost, I’ve spent the last six months training for the Houston Half Marathon which is this Sunday. A long challenging, mental, yet fun road and now it’s time to make that hard work pay off. This will be my first race and I know it won’t be my last. I am completely in love with running now.

The other thing that has changed is my work load. For those who don’t know, I’ve turned to the world of Freelance Art with how horrid the economy is. I managed to find some steady work as a photography touch up artist, but the other girl who worked with me has gone back to school. What does this mean? I now have double the work load. Not to mention that we are in the busy season and all my “me time” has been sucked up.

I still play Wow and love every minute of it, however n that time is being closely monitored too. My guild is doing pretty well in raid progression but even that has changed a little. At one time we had 4 raiding hunters, and now we are down to one…me. While I don’t mind the lack of competition of  the Hunter loot, I’ll admit it is a little lonely in my guild’s Hunter Chat. Armored Justice is looking to recruit one hunter.

Finally, there has been careful consideration about moving back to my old blog home on wordpress. Granted I won’t have as much freedom as a self-hosted site, but I think I need to trim the spending fat wherever I can. More on this later.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your endeavors and happy hunting.